2nd July 2008 . . . Ryoko's 45th birthday today, I'll be making her favourite fish dish tonight (see here if you're interested in the recipe) also had a great day with Elli yesterday as a supervising parent on a school excursion to the State Art Gallery of NSW . . . still haven't got a full-time job yet, but something should drop soon.

30th April 2008 . . . Yet another birthday comes, this time though I still find myself unemployed (at least I don't have a fulltime job). May end up working with a mate of mine who in a recruitment start up . . . still yet to decide.

14th February 2008 . . . Well so much has happened since last April . . . Ryoko, Elli & Joey all had birthdays. I went to Japan, the US and New Zealand on business, and then of course Christmas/New Year has come and gone . . . but the biggest news was that I was made redundant by those fuckwits at Quark. My boss, the Senior Vice President arrived in the country (unannounced) from California, to tell me that they don't need a Channel guy any more, rather they need an enterprise sales guy . . . well good luck ya fuckwits, coz anyone taking on the job is set up to fail . . . Quark really has no hope of resurrecting itself and frankly I hope they go belly up.

30th April 2007 . . . I am now 47 years old and still feel pretty good. The gym and the walking every other day certainly helps.

2nd February 2007 . . . Racked up 16 years of marriage . . . and still going strong :O) . . . it's still hard to believe.

25th January 2007 . . . Well another year has passed, and Joe has left D-Link and is now working for Quark . . . flogging software products that he once (while at Adobe) used to put shit on. :O)

Other than that, Joey starts High School this year, Ellie will start Year 4 and we have purchased an inverstment property in Mona Vale. All in all, 2006 was pretty good and hopefully 2007 will be even better..

Happy New Year to all . . . by the way :O)

7th July 2006 . . . The only major news since the last entry is that Ryoko celebrated her 43rd birthday on the 2nd July. We all went over to my Mum's place for an excellent dinner of Bob Lavas es Langos (a Hungrarian dish).

Also heard that family friends, the Yeatman and Douglass families, are moving overseas for an indefinte period. The Yeatmans to Japan and the Douglass's to Singapore . . . all work related, no truth in the rumour that I am a total prick :O)

We are going over to the Yeatman's place tomorrow afternoon for a big farewell party . . . some 20 familes will be in attendance !! Apparently a total of 48 kids will be there . . . sheer pandamonium is anticipated by yours truly, but then again what else would expect at the Yeatmans ?

10th June 2006 . . . It certainly has been sometime since we updated the BLOG . . . and frankly I'm not even going to start to do an entire 18 month update, but in short we've been camping heaps of times, been to Japan once and generally life has been pretty good. We're in the first day of a 3 day long weekend. With a bunch of things planned including a visit to the Powerhouse Museum tomorrow, followed by dinner at the Darton's place. Danno and Lindi may come over on Monday (more than likely not, knowing what Danno is like . . . sorry mate :-). Should be good regardless. I promise do more regular updates in future.

4th to 8th January 2005 . . . Went camping with the Yeatman, Douglas and Adare (less Andrew) families to Mungo Brush (north of Hawksnest. Hoping to have the pictures posted soon . . . only aiting for Scott to give me the photos he shot over the week.

21st August 2004 . . . Well a lot's happened since I last added something in this section. Today is Elli's 7th birthday and I felt I should at least mention that. We have a party planned for tomorrow at Manly Aquarium, then dinner at Omomo's place. Since last writing, Ryoko and I have had birthdays. Ryoko and I also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. I'll try not to be so tardy with family news in furture . . . promise !

26th October 2003 . . . Joey's piano graduation was held at the Opera House. He only started Suzuki Method piano classes at the beginning of the year and has already completed Book 2 of the programme.

28th September 2003 . . . Joey's 9th Birthday !! We took 10 kids to see "Finding Nemo", quite a good movie.

21st August 2003 . . . Ellie's 6th Birthday !! We took 14 kids bowling . . . what a nightmare !!

2nd July 2003 . . . Ryoko's 40th birthday was celebrated with some close friends and family at a local restuarant in Manly. Happy birthday, baby. No photos were allowed to be taken, sorry folks.

30th April 2003 . . . Yet another year passes for yours truly, also made the decision to resign (on this day) from Adobe, will start at Adaptec on 2nd June 2003.

19th to 25th April 2003 . . . We decided to take a holiday in Melbourne. The week spanned the Easter break with ANZAC Day. All of the photos can be seen at Road trip to Melbourne.

2nd February 2003 . . . Our 12th Wedding Anniversay . . . how time flies.

22nd December 2002 to 9th January 2003 . . . Family trip to Japan. The kids had never seen snow, so we decided to give them a treat and let them experience a white Christmas. The photos can be seen on the Picture Gallery, at the following link . . . Family Holiday to Japan,

21st August 2002 . . . Ellie's 5th Birthday !! We had a rained out horse riding adventure up at Glenworth Valley, but the party at Play Planet went off like a cracker. Pictures will be posted soon(ish).

2nd July 2002 . . . Ryoko's Birthday !! I took the family down to Somi's Thai restaurant in Manly . . . . the kids behaved themselves and Ryoko and I had a very pleasant evening.

30th April 2002 . . . Joe's Birthday !! Sigh . . . another year passes :-(

2nd February 2002 . . . Our 11th Wedding Anniversary . . . I still can't believe how quickly the past 11 years has flown by. We went out to a Japanese restaurant with a whole bunch of our friends and had a cracker of a night . . . even took the kids (which was kind of different) but regrettably forgot to take the camera (again), so no pictures guys . . . sorry.

28th September 2001 . . . Joey's 7th Birthday !! The Boy got new push bike. We ended up going down to the local park for a BBQ with his friends . . . mainly so he could try out the new bike. Regrettably I forgot to take my camera, but some of the other parents did so will get the photos (sooner or later :-) . . . watch this space.

21st August 2001 . . . Ellie's 4th Birthday !! She finally got the bunny that she had been asking for . . . although she had originally asked for a rabbit, dog and pony, so a compromise had to be reached :-) Pictures of birthday party and rabbit will follow soon . . . watch this space.

19th August 2001 . . . Denys & and Wendy's Birthday(s) !! Yes, in case you didn't know, my brother and his wife both have the same birthday . . . the 19th August !! A party was held at their house on the night of the 18th. And 40 or so good friends were gathered to celebrate not only their joint birthdays but also Denys' 40th birthday as well. The theme of the evening was Christmas in August. A good night was had by all.

2nd July 2001 . . . Ryoko's Birthday !! Seven of us went into the central Sydney to the "Sir John Young Hotel" which has the best Spanish Taverna, for a fantastic meal of Garlic Prawns (x5), a mixed Tapas Platter (x2) and a Combination Seafood Platter. It was all washed down with copious amounts of Sangria. It was an excellent evening for all those that attended. We ended up at our place for some liqueur nightcaps. The last people left at 2am in the morning. Forgot to take my camera though, so no pictures . . . Sorry.

30th April 2001 . . . Joe's Birthday !! Sadly another year passes :-(

2nd February 2001 . . . Well, we managed to make it to 10 years of marriage without any major fights or quarrels. I took Ryoko up to the Blue Mountains (West of Sydney) to a place called Peppers Fairmont Resort. I didn't take any pictures as the wife would have killed me a) for taking photos and b) for then posting them in the web gallery. Which is probably what I would have done, but then again I would have been taking compromising photos anyway :-)Oh by the way, would highly recommend a spa bath in any rooms that you may get for these sorts of occasions. Definitely works better than any view that may on offer. Anyway, thanks to all those people who remembered our anniversary and sent a card.

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