2nd July 2008 . . . Did some fixes to broken links to various recipe related PDFs, and also changed the CSS details for the scroll bar colours.

8th June 2008 . . . Version 5 of bizinger.com launched with completely new graphics, look and feel. We've also take this opportunity to rationalise the Links section (there really was a lot of crp there), by removing sections and adding a Recipe section. This allows us to view the recipes online in the kitchen while in the process of cooking the meal . . . avoids getting foor all over printed recipes. Am still working on completing the Video section, with added video content as well as updated existing material. Any suggestions or feedback regarding the look & feel of the new site is welcome, click here.

13th January 2008 . . . Updated the layout of the Links, AudioVideo Libraries section of the site. Removed broken links and added some new ones. Also changed some minor cosmetic elemnets.

25th September 2007 . . . Made changes to the layout of the Links page. Basically made it easier to read and find stuff. Have also started to collect Video versions of all of the TV Themes and Cartoon Themes that appear in the Audio Library.

1st June 2007 . . . Decided that the site needed a fresher look, made cosmetic changes to the back drop and the style sheets.

23rd March 2007 . . . Minor changes to the Cascading Style Sheets and the JavaScript that ran the "hovering clock".

20th February 2007 . . . Made minor changes and tweaks to embedded JavaScript and StyleSheets, plus updated the Blog.

25th January 2007 . . . Fixed and/or deleted a number of broken links.

8th July 2006 . . . Added new content to the Cartoon & T.V. Themes sections of the Audio Library . . . namely Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo & The Mighty Thor was added to the former whilst The Benny Hill Show, The Champions and The Muppets Show was added to the latter. Will trying to get more content for these sections, as I am enjoying the experience of collecting them.

25th June 2006 . . . Added the completely revamped and new look Video Library. New sub-sections have been added, and by and large should be much easier to navigate . . . enjoy.

16th June 2006 . . . Added another entirely new section to the Audio Libray, this time it's TV Themes. I'm still trying to track down a few more of my favourite themes, but there's still quite a few there to enjoy and reminisce over . . . enjoy.

13th June 2006 . . . Added an entire new section to the Audio Libray, namely Cartoon Themes. This includes some of my favourite themes, including Marine Boy, Kimba the White Lion and The Bugs Bunny Show. I'm hoping to add some more clasiscs soon . . . for the time being enjoy what's been posted.

5th June 2006 . . . After several years of basically using the same code, I have now completed a total rebuild of the site. This is now Version 4 of the site. Hoping to have all elements of the older site completed soon. Still have the Flash & Photo Galleries to post.

A special thanks to a mate of mine Patrick (Phatara) Tunhapong for helping me with the JavaScripting . . . the guy is a f##king legend !!

5th June 2005 . . . Finally pulled my finger out and posted some of the photos from the house extension . . . almost a year after the work was sompleted . . . better late than never I guess. Now all I have to do is finish posting the Gazillion other photos that were taken last year !!

3rd April 2005 . . . More tidying up done on various pages. It's been slow going in finishing the new look and feel, coz I don't have enough spare time to do it not to mention posting all the new pictures which are almost a year behind schedule.

26th March 2005 . . . Major overhaul of the multimedia interfaces in the Audio & Video Galleries. Changed from Quicktime to MSVideo with embedded media, which makes for a quicker download, more user controls and overall better look on screen. Also removed a couple of superfluous Links categories and consolidated others, overall reducing the number of categories.

5th March 2005 . . . Relaunched the website, now the 3rd version of BIZINGER.COM. Hope you like what I've done. Still getting things tidied up but basically 95% of the way there.

11th January 2005 . . . There have been so many minor chnges that I've lost track of what new and what's not, so just take it as read that there have been changes . . . OK ?? In writing this piece I also realised that I have'nt uploaded a stack of photos, which I've taken on various family and business trips, so excuses . . . just being slack . . . sorry.

22nd August 2004 . . . Added new links, and tidyied up others. I would also like to give the entire site a bit of a freshen up. Not sure what that may mean at this stage but keep your eyes open for changes . . . soon.

15th May 2004 . . . Added a new games site on the Kid's Stuff section of Useful Links. Also changes the look of the flyout menubar for all Sub-Menus. . . . still not too sure about the colour choices, feedback welcome.

14th February 2004 . . . Added new content to the Interactive Fun section of the Flash Gallery. If you don't already have a password for this protected area or you've forgotten it, then please click here.

23rd December 2003 . . . Added a new sub-section to the Useful Links, entitled Resouces.

28th November 2003 . . . Finally got around to uploading the sailing day trip that I had with Scott & Stefan back in August.

28th October 2003 . . . Added new item to the Sound Bites section of the Audio Gallery. A very funny piece about Tech Support on an Internet Help Desk

27th October 2003 . . . Added new links in the band section of Audio of Useful Links.

20th October 2003 . . . Added additional category to the Video section of Useful Links, which includes sites which assist with the ripping & backup of DVDs, VCDs etc.

9th September 2003 . . . Added a flyout for the currency converter with a new site to check currencies against. Also added a new listing to the Video Gallery . . . entitled Various.

2nd Spetember 2003 . . . Added new Picture Gallery item . . . Camping with Stefan at Yengo.

30th August 2003 . . . Added new videos to the Video Gallery. Also added a new item to the Games section of the Flash Gallery, and my first attempt at authoring some Flash in the Animations section of the Flash Gallery.

4th August 2003 . . . Added a new video to the Video Gallery., entitled "Matrix" Ping Pong . . . very clever.

15th July 2003 . . . Added new links to the Finance sections of Useful Links.

1st July 2003 . . . Added new links to the Downloads sections of Useful Links.

7th May 2003 . . . Added new links and tidied up others.

18th May 2003 . . . Added a Java script clock to the site that follows the cursor around. Not my code but still kinda cool.

16th May 2003 . . . Added a new links section "Finance" and some new links in the "Audio" section under Bands.

9th May 2003 . . . Made some estheitic changes to the menu and the side bars.

1st May 2003 . . . Added a new content to Flash Gallery > Interactive Fun.

26th April 2003 . . . Added a new photo gallery . . . Road trip to Melbourne.

18th April 2003 . . . Added password only access to the Videos>Bodies and Flash>Interactive Fun Sections. You now need to email me if you want to view this content. My wife was most upset about having this sort of content freely accessible :-( Also added a function whereby if you add this site to your Favourites, a custom icon is displayed rather than the default.

16th April 2003 . . . Added a new section to the Picture Gallery, General, which includes non family images. Some in good taste but most not !

13th April 2003 . . . Tidied up the Flash & Audio Galleries.

12th April 2003 . . . Tidied up the Movie Gallery and added some new items.

29th March 2003 . . . Added new content to the Flash Games & Fun section, and boy are they fun !

23rd March 2003 . . . Completely revamped the site with a new menu bar that is not as graphically rich as the old one, but loads a hell of a lot faster than the old menu bar. Also changed the overall layout and the way pages are fed to the user via the menuing system. Tell me what you think, I reckon it looks bloody good !!

21st March 2003 . . . Added a new section to the Movie Gallery entitled Audio Files, which includes hillarious radio station phone pranks and funny sound bites.

15th March 2003 . . . Finally finished adding the Movie Gallery to the site.

18th February 2003 . . . Added a number of new links to the Useful Links portion of the site, mainly Etailers & Audio & Video but also Astronomy and Web.

12th February 2003 . . . Eased the pain for all of the dial up visitors by re-introducing frames to WWW.BIZINGER.COM. Hopefully won't get anymore complaints from you bastards.

21st January 2003 . . . Added a complete new picture set of our recent family holiday to Japan, pictures taken between 22nd December 2002 and 9th January 2003.

17th November 2002 . . . We went live with the updated version II of BIZINGER.com . . . albeit a partially completed version. Yet to be finished are the Movie & Picture Galleries, and the updates and news since the 6th September 2002.

24th August 2002 . . . Completely re-arranged the Movie Gallery, now broken down into categories . . . Accidents, Humour & the Human Body. Please be mindful that some of these movie clips may not be appropriate for children.

27th July 2002 . . . Completed the changes that I started on the 21st July, all Picture Galleries now have the same background . . . this enables quicker loading of the pictures for those losers on a dial up connection :-)

21st July 2002 . . . Made some major changes to the appearance of virtually all sections in the site including the scroll bars, menus, added a custom cursor to the site, amongst other things. I kind of like the black scroll bars and the new cursor. Also made the whole site a bit quicker to load.

20th July 2002 . . . Added a new category to the main menu "Movie Gallery" . . . this is a collection of short video clips that have been emailed to me in by friends and colleagues . . . WARNING: some of them may result in long term physiological problems for those who are a little squeamish !:-)

17th July 2002 . . . Added a new category to the main menu "Flash Gallery" . . . basically a bunch of Flash files which we thought were pretty cool and fun. Take a look, I think you'll agree that many of them are just bloody well done.

20th June 2002 . . . Yes, it has been awhile since I did any updates, and this one was just an aesthetic change to the fonts, layout, the welcome banner at the top of the page and a couple of other minor things that most of you won't even notice. I did though.

14th April 2002 . . . Added a new picture set "The Royal Easter Show". The whole family visited this annual event which was held at Olympic Park at Homebush. If you're not familiar with this show, then the best way to think of it is as the tagline for the show goes . . ."when the country comes to the city". The event has been happening now for over 100 years.

28th February 2002 . . . Added a new picture set "Melbourne F1 Grand Prix" . . . Yes, I was lucky enough to be the host at the Adobe corporate box at the recent F1 GP. I had several customers there including City Software (Hi Lorenzo, Damien, Rohan Glenn & Sushini), Mail Order Software (Hi Paul) and GPM Systems (Hi Goerge). We had a great day (and night) . . . thanks for your company guys, I really had an excellent day.

12th February 2002 . . . By popular demand, I changed the "Useful Links" to open in a separate window rather than within the Bizinger Web page. Also added a link on the splash page to take you to my resumé and made few cosmetic changes which most of you will not notice, but I do !

1st February 2002 . . . Yes, it has been awhile since I did an update ! But it is a relatively major one. Added a new picture set "Trip to Jenolan Caves". Also spent quite a bit of time optimising the images in several picture sets for faster downloads (thanks to those who gave me a hard time about the slow download speeds when using a modem, you should all get a broadband connection anyway ! :-). You can easily tell which ones have been optimised as I have given the images a bevelled edge . . . looks kinda groovy too.

27th October 2001 . . . Cleaned up a few dead links, resorted some older ones and added some new ones to various categories.

20th October 2001 . . . Two new categories of links added . . . "Aussie specific Sites" and "Camping & 4 Wheel Drive" . . . (the former replaces "Newspapers, Phone & Streets").

15th September 2001 . . . Added a new picture set "Denys and Wendy's Birthday". Also added incomplete Movie Gallery . . . I'm still figuring out how to stream video, so watch this space.

14th July 2001 . . . Added a new picture set "Trip to Sydney Aquarium", also tidied up some of the code that was being used in the Picture Galleries to make them all look consistent.

13th July 2001 . . . Added a visitor counter to the main navigation bar. Also added some new links and removed some that were no longer working.

8th July 2001 . . . Changed more of the look and feel of the site, in particular the "News & Info" section and also the way the Navigation bar worked in the "Favourites" Section. Also, finally managed to figure out why typing the site address, would always redirect the visitor to an "under construction" message page. To access the correct page the visitor would have to type the site address with /HOME.HTML on the end  . . . now all you need to do to access the site is to simply type WWW.BIZINGER.COM and you will hit the main splash page.

22nd June 2001 . . . Cleaned up the code in the "Favourites" section, should be easier now to get around. Also made some minor changes to the Navigation bar, the site should now load quicker with less glitches happening with the Navigation bar.

31st March 2001 . . . Added 3 new picture sets. They include "Koi Pond & Garden", "Miscellaneous Family Pix" and "Trip to the Museum". I've tried to optimise the pictures for quick downloads, but if there are any comments on download speeds (or lack there of) then please email me. Thanks.

16th March 2001 . . . The new updated version of Bizinger Web was posted on our new domain (www.bizinger.com). I think you'll find the site much easier to navigate. The mail should be working and I will keep an eye on it to make sure that it is, but if you do get any errors or bounce backs please let me know at bizinger@hotmail.com.Also, it would be great to get your feedback related to any ideas related to the site layout. Thanks again for visiting our site.

Sometime in Mid January 2001 . . . Went live with BIZINGER WEB !!!.

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